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Medical device adhesive suits LED UV curing lamp for ultra fast assembly

We have launched DYMAX 1020-M, an ultra-fast, tack-free, LED-curable adhesive. DYMAX 1020-M is designed for rapid bonding of a wide variety of plastics typically used in the manufacture of medical devices such as reservoirs, tube sets, port fittings, drugs delivery systems and heat sensitive applications. Visible/UV light-curable DYMAX 1020-M is formulated for less-than-two-second, on-demand cure with […]

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Ultra-Red Adhesives for high contrast bond-line inspection and product verification

We are persuading our customers to “see red” literally. The Ultra-Red™ fluorescing technology built into many DYMAX adhesives offers assemblers concrete advantages in plastics fabrication. Many plastics naturally fluoresce blue under UV light – this minimizes the inspection advantages of using blue-fluorescing adhesives in parts assembly. Ultra-Red™ fluorescing adhesives remain naturally clear until exposed to […]

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