We are delighted to introduce the new Fisnar QuantX™ system to the UK where it is expected to be of great value in any industrial or related application where a dispensing syringe barrel is used for application of materials.

The QuantX™ system features a patented syringe barrel which provides a gently curved path to the dispense tip aperture, reducing resistance and greatly improving material flow. The syringe and other components in the system have been developed using silicone free materials and high precision mould designs, ensuring production to very high tolerances to ensure consistent and exacting accuracy.

This new patented barrel design results in lower and more consistent piston force over the whole stroke, especially with high viscosity fluids. The outcome is a more even flow with greater accuracy in time based shot metering or dispensing systems and consistent performance from the first millilitre to the last.

Thus the QuantX™ system results in repeatable dispensing and a reduction in assembly rejects. Dynamically engineered components provide optimal performance in close tolerance dispensing. Syringe barrels are available in 3cc, 5cc, 30cc and 55cc, together with accessories, which are colour coded green to distinguish the QuantX™ system from other dispensing components.

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