If you thought you couldn’t take advantage of light curing technology because the bondline is in partial shadow, we may have the solution … thanks to a new Dymax plastic bonding adhesive.

Dymax 3401 – designed for the rapid bonding of a wide variety of plastics (including PC and ABS) and metal – combines dual cure (UV/visible light and moisture) technology. Fast cures of a few seconds (depending on the application and process) take place using UV/visible light, then secondary moisture activation kicks in to complete curing in shadow areas. The adhesive delivers quick and convenient assembly with low shrinkage, improving manufacturing efficiency and reducing costs.

When cured, the adhesive is moisture and thermally-resistant. Fluorescence under low intensity black light aids inline bond inspection. Dymax 3401 is suitable for many plastics and other substrates including brass and glass. It is packaged in convenient syringes, cartridges or in bulk. The adhesive cures with a wide rage of UV curing lamps, including the latest LED-based UV curing technologies.

New DYMAX 3401 from Intertronics - UV and moisture cure adhesive for plastics and metals

The adhesive can be used in a wide range of plastic bonding applications including appliances, toys and electronics;  you can also use Dymax 3401 for electronic component sealing and encapsulation.

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