Preci-Tip™ Precision Dispensing Tips are for high accuracy, micro-dot fluid dispensing. They have a luer lock thread and can be used with dispensing syringe barrels, valves or pumps.

A primary design feature of these unique dispensing nozzles is the streamline conical fluid path which delivers substantially higher fluid flow rates and lower dispense pump back pressures, resulting in improved dispensing accuracy and component life.

The design also employs very thin rigid walls offering a larger ID fluid path which enables you to use of smaller OD nozzles without sacrificing dispense rates. Additionally, the thin walls further enhance your accuracy and the definition of your dots, lines or special patterns while at the same time dramatically reducing fluid stringing or tailing tendencies.

All the Preci-Tip™ Precision Dispensing Nozzles fit our dispensing valves and dispensing barrels.

Key Benefits

  • Precision machined accuracy
  • Improved accuracy on robotic applications
  • Dispense higher viscosities with lower pressure
  • Resist clogging, improved fluid break off, no string
  • A solution for proximity challenges
  • Luer adaptation

Preci-Tip high precision dispensing nozzles

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