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Seminar: Improving Adhesion and Bond Quality with Plasma Surface Treatment

We’re delivering a free seminar at the upcoming Engineering Solutions Live show, held on the 23rd of March, entitled Improving Adhesion and Bond Quality with Plasma Surface Treatment.   Cold plasma treatment can quickly activate and functionalise the surfaces of many difficult-to-bond substrates, including metals and plastics, whilst removing organic contaminants. This process improves the wetting […]

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New options for preeflow eco-PEN precision dispensers increase usability and robustness

Precise, process-safe applications in the field of microdispensing are the focus of preeflow dispensing systems. They employ the endless piston principle to provide accurate, repeatable volumetric dispensing of almost all materials, be they low or high viscosity. Some materials and environments have more rigourous demands for dispensing equipment, so preeflow has developed two new options […]

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Technology Centre lab trials, demonstrations and evaluations

We’re delighted that our recently enlarged and refurbished Technology Centre is buzzing with activity, with customers visiting most days of the week to discuss their applications and to evaluate materials and processes with our technical specialists. For specific trials, we provide comprehensive reporting on bonding, dispensing and application, curing, mixing and/or surface preparation tests conducted in our […]

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