The Opti-tec™ range of optical adhesives and encapsulant continues to develop, and includes many with high optical clarity or other special properties related to specific optical applications such as fibre-optic termination or optical potting and encapsulation. Some of the range have passed ISO 10993 testing for medical device manufacture or are Telcordia GR-326-CORE compliant. Specialist applications include LED protection, bonding of surgical instruments like endoscopes and fibre-optic terminating.

Opti-tec materials offer excellent optical characteristics with features such as room/low temperature cure, long pot life, glass/metal bonding, and high temperature resistance. Potting compounds and encapsulants also provide low stress, non-yellowing, low fluorescence and very low viscosity dependent upon choice. Some of the high temperature adhesives can resist autoclaving

Opti-tec temporary adhesives are insoluble in cold water but fully soluble in hot water and involve no wax, no residues or solvents – they are ideal for applications such as polishing, grinding, lapping and dicing with high shear strength and suitable for glass, ceramics and semiconductors.

Other applications for adhesives with high optical performance include mounting of thin rock or other geological sections, relics and artifacts – even tissue samples.