Designing-in Light Curing Adhesives – this new authoritative white paper addresses the concepts around UV and visible light curing adhesives, starting with the design function. Design engineers will earn the gratitude of their production engineering colleagues if they can specify or allow for a light curing adhesive. In addition to performance advantages like distribution of load and stress over wider surface areas, elimination of joint fatigue, improved impact resistance, reduction in finishing and aesthetic enhancements, light curing adhesives can provide very significant process advantages. There are many proven applications in industries like electronics, automotive, medical devices, electronic displays, optics, glass and appliances – and all manner of plastic-based assemblies. The technology brings with it inherent productivity gains which can save money and increase competitiveness.

The white paper is available on our Technical Articles & White Papers page.

Designing-in Light Curing Adhesives - a new whitepaper from Peter Swanson at Intertronics

Categories: adhesives, reference, uv curing