We have just added a new white paper to the Technical Bulletins, White Papers & Articles page on our website entitled – Customized Masking Solutions Don’t Require Customized Masks. Are Your Masking Solutions Failing?

The article, written by Virginia Read of Dymax Corporation, discusses masking with conventional methods, the challenges associated with complex design configurations and the need for reliable protection from aggressive chemical processes, high temperature coatings, or other surface treatment processes. Even minute gaps or voids in coverage can result in edge-lift and leakage that can significantly compromise protection and adversely impact your bottom line.

The article explains how temporary UV-curable maskants provide reliable surface protection and matching operations. These resins cure in seconds upon exposure to UV light and provide superior protection during machining, grit blasting, shot peening, acid etching, and plating. They also offer surface protection during handling or transportation and from thermal spray coatings.

Dymax masking solutions

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