The new air cooled Phoseon FireEdge UV LED curing lamp has recently been added to our portfolio of products, increasing the diversity of our LED curing materials and equipment product range.  The FireEdge products target the pinning and curing of adhesives, coatings and inks with high peak irradiance up to 5 W/cm2 and small form factor. They incorporate a unique scaling feature enabling multiple units to be stacked “end to end” with contiguous, uniform UV output for curing, even on heat sensitive substrates.

FireEdge ultraviolet (UV) LED systems are air cooled, compact solid-state devices providing low energy consumption without moving parts. They are environmentally friendly with no ozone generation and are mercury free. Consequently, they enable users to meet today’s high level targets for performance, cost and environmental friendliness.

Phoseon FireEdge UV LED cure device

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