A consistent and reliable UV curing process requires periodic monitoring of the UV intensity or dose. Degradation of curing bulbs, lightguides and reflectors can decrease intensity, resulting in incomplete cures. The DYMAX ACCU-CAL 50 Radiometer is simple to operate, offers repeatable measurement of UV light and allows operators to monitor and document a UV/visible light curing process. A low UV/visible intensity measurement signals you to replace or service the bulb, reflector or lightguides. Radiometers can also be used to confirm that operators are properly shielded from UV exposure. Why should you use a UV/visible radiometer?

  • Maintain a reliable light-curing process Check that your light-curing system is providing the intensity and dosage levels required
  • Ensure a worker-friendly light-curing process Confirm safety – measure the intensity of any potential stray or reflected energy
  • Measure transmission rates through substrates Measure the light intensity reaching the cure site through any intervening substrate

Categories: quality control, uv curing