Last week, we delivered the latest in a long line of dispensing robot workstations designed and built here at INTERTRONICS. This robot is dispensing a two-part structural adhesive from a 50ml cartridge, which is mixed through a static mixing nozzle on the head.

Like many of the workstations we supply, this one is custom built to meet the customer’s specific needs as well as providing compliance with health and safety regulations for protecting operators from the robot’s moving parts. In this case, our customer had two requirements for the workstation in addition to the equipment it houses: a Fisnar F7300N bench top precision dispensing robot mated with a DSP501N automatic liquid dispenser and an adapted dispensing gun which holds the two-part cartridge containing the adhesive.

The reason behind a standalone workstation is that the customer did not wish to take up valuable in-line bench space, and so that it could be moved easily around the factory for production flexibility. And for ergonomic reasons, the customer specified the installed robot’s work table height to be 800mm – the same as their standard bench top.

Operator safety is provided by a four-sided polycarbonate enclosure and at the front, an infra-red safety curtain. A combined safety cut-off switch / start box is provided on the outside of the enclosure in addition to the controls on the robot inside the enclosure.

Robot workstation for dispensing two part adhesive

Categories: adhesives, dispensing, robotics