eco-DUO_Speaker-BondingAutomating the precision application of two part adhesives can be tricky – you want to be able to meter and mix the adhesive and apply to the product in a simple in-line procedure. So it’s good to be able to see that this sort of thing is readily achievable.

For example, the process of applying two part adhesives to loudspeaker components such as cones and spiders can be simplified by using the preeflow® eco-DUO precision volumetric dosing unit. The eco-DUO meters, mixes and dispenses in a seamless operation, and can be either robot mounted, or used in a fixed position above a rotary table.

Our video shows accurate two part epoxy paste adhesive being applied to a dual-cone speaker using the eco-DUO 450. The eco-DUO 450 and its big brother – the eco-DUO 600 – are also suitable for the metering, mixing and dispensing of two part silicones and polyurethanes.

Categories: dispensing, mixing