In our range of Dymax UV curing plastic bonding adhesives, there’s a product to suit almost every application, whether it’s display case construction, automotive headlamp assembly, sign assembly, bonding PMMA awards or plastic packages. Some of our best-selling plastic bonders:

  • Dymax 3099 is a clear adhesive that offers resilience and provides bubble free bond lines for clear and translucent acrylic, PMMA, polycarbonate, PVC alloys, and polyurethanes
  • Dymax 3069 is low stress, clear, environmentally resistant, and bonds many substrates, both flexible and rigid –  including polycarbonate, PVC, polyurethane and PET
  • Dymax 3225-T-SC is a See-Cure adhesive, which turns from blue to clear on cure to show where the material has been applied and when it is fully cured. It is a flexible, multi-substrate adhesive

DYMAX UV curing glass bonding adhesives give fast bonding results, whether you’re working with soft glass, borosilicate glass or lead crystal  (as well as a variety of plastic and metal substrates). They’re excellent for bonding stemware, glass headlamps, art glass, crystal figurines, trophies, architectural glass, metal brackets to glass and lens laminating. Some of our best-selling glass bonders:

  • Dymax 429 resists yellowing, vibration and thermal shock and is optically clear, also good for large area, high-impact applications
  • Dymax 6-621 is hard and clear, has high tensile strength, and bonds multiple substrates, curing with UV and/or visible light as well as a secondary heat cure

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