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White Paper: Designing in light curing adhesives – a holistic approach to adhesives in medical device assembly

UV curable adhesives grant significant manufacturing productivity benefits, curing in seconds, “on-demand” when exposed to UV light. With grades certified to ISO 10993 and USP Class VI stands available, they are also well-matched to the manufacture of medical devices. To fully realise the potential that this adhesive technology can bring, it is necessary to take […]

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Adhesive selection: A race against the clock?

There are a few considerations when specifying an adhesive for your application, such as how well it bonds your substrates and if it can meet the functional needs of your application. One other important piece of the puzzle are the time-based factors which dictate how materials can be processed.    Our technical white paper Adhesive selection: a race against the clock? walks you through the various time-sensitive factors at […]

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White Paper: UV light and moisture curable electronics encapsulants

Encapsulants are often required to protect electronic components against moisture, chemicals, and rapid and extreme temperature changes while providing mechanical support and electrical insulation. Light-curable encapsulating compounds can provide significant benefits over conventional technologies, including very fast curing, lower operating costs and increased productivity driven by lower labour requirements, space savings, lower energy demand, and […]

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