The preeflow® eco-DUO600 offers precision metering and mixing of two component materials with mixing ratios adjustable up to 5:1. It is designed for use with two component materials such as silver loaded conductive epoxies, silicones or polyurethanes which may be dispensed in small quantities for either dots or beads. We see applications in microelectronics, medical optics, LCD/LED/OLED, bio-science and a wide range of general industry where processes call for exact quantities of even fragile materials to be metered, mixed and dispensed.

Genuine volumetric, low shear dosing is achieved which is viscosity and primary pressure independent, in a pressure tight system without the need for a any additional control. This enables a very defined and accurate dosing flow, with suck back effect to ensure a clean cut-off and prevent post-dripping effects.

The eco-DUO600 features easy to clean continuous piston technology with precision drive rotor/stator for great accuracy and control. It produces shot sizes from 0.03ml and with flow rates of 0.6 to 32ml per minute  with an accuracy of ± 1% and greater than 99% repeatability. The dual format set up pairs two preeflow pumps connected to a static mixing nozzle and linked with the EC200-DUO controller. This enables a wide range of applications to be addressed with control over dosing, dispensing time and mixing ratio – which can be adjusted from 1:1 up to 5:1. Operation of the controller is via an intuitive user guidance graphical interface plus an integral data exchange capability via USB connection.

preeflow eco-duo600 from Intertronics for the metering and mixing of two component materials