Category: quality control

Compact inline pressure sensor for dispensing/dosing monitoring and verification

The new flowplus16 pressure sensor offers high accuracy monitoring in an innovative design suited to critical dosing and dispensing applications. Accurate in-line pressure sensing can deliver to you important quality assurance in a whole range of automatic processes – for example, in medical, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor manufacturing, as well as the wider areas of process control. […]

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Ultra-Red Adhesives for high contrast bond-line inspection and product verification

We are persuading our customers to “see red” literally. The Ultra-Red™ fluorescing technology built into many Dymax adhesives offers assemblers concrete advantages in plastics fabrication. Many plastics naturally fluoresce blue under UV light – this minimizes the inspection advantages of using blue-fluorescing adhesives in parts assembly. Ultra-Red™ fluorescing adhesives remain naturally clear until exposed to […]

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