Since we introduced preeflow’s precision volumetric, positive displacement, dosing/dispensing eco-PEN, it has impressed with its accuracy, absolute control and the fact that it causes no stress to the material being handled.

One very useful aspect of preeflow pen is how simple it is to clean and service. The eco-PEN comprises two modules: drive unit and dosing unit. These can be easily separated from each other by unfastening four screws and pulling the two apart. The dosing unit consists of three modules: sealing package, bearing housing with rotor string and pump housing with end piece. All are designed for cleaning with readily available pipe cleaners in a matter of minutes. In fact, the entire disassembly–cleaning–reassembly process takes just five minutes, increasing uptime and reducing total cost of ownership. eco-PEN drive units are maintenance-free.

eco-PEN is easily cleaned

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