archytas series of Robot Integrations

archytas series of Robot Integrations

About archytas series of Robot Integrations

archytas series logoWith our archytas series of robot integrations, we have the capability to custom assemble material mixing, dispensing and application, curing, and/or surface preparation on one machine, providing you with productivity-boosting consolidated and automated processes. Operating systems are combined to simplify operation, with clear control panels. Healthy & safety is assured with custom interlocked enclosures and guarding to safeguard personnel from moving parts, radiation or other hazards.

Each machine is specified and built to your unique needs, and will consider:

  • part size and geometry
  • number of parts
  • part tooling
  • jigging
  • surface preparation
  • material mixing requirements
  • material feed
  • dispensing, spraying or jetting
  • on-line curing
  • real-time dispensing feedback
  • vision-based programming and fiducial auto-adjustment
  • dispensing tip alignment
  • control systems
  • safety enclosure
  • light curtain or interlocking doors
  • benchtop or free standing

These robot integrations are built in-house, allowing us to supply a completed system built to your requirements in a timely manner. We provide installation and training to have you up and running quickly.

These examples of archytas series robot integrations will illustrate our capability, and give you some productivity-enhancing ideas. Speak to our team about your requirements.

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