The DYMAX ACCU-CAL™ 150 is a simple-to-operate radiometer offering repeatable measurement of UV light, which greatly simplifies both the validation and monitoring of a UV light-curing process.  It can measure UV light up to 10 W/cm2 emitted from stationary light-curing flood lamps or lamps used in conveyorised processes.  The ACCU-CAL™ 150 can be used to determine intensity (measured in mW/cm2) or total energy as derived from intensity and exposure time (measured in mJ/cm2).

The use of radiometers in application processes is critical, ensuring that any changes to the properties of curing energy are identified.  Radiometers establish process parameters and, when maintained, help ensure consistent production quality resulting in reduced scrap and increased throughput.

Download your copy of the  ACCU-CAL™ 150 product datasheet

Categories: adhesives, uv curing