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Medical-grade ISO 10993 silicone adhesive for bonding silicones and textiles

Wacker’s SILPURAN 4200® medical-grade silicone adhesive is a single-part transparent, room temperature vulcanising (RTV) silicone adhesive that is suitable for bonding cured silicone parts and highly elastic bonding between silicone and textiles, such as in ventilation masks and respiratory bellows. Formulated with a new catalyst which does not use organotin compounds, SILPURAN 4200 is ISO […]

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Precision liquid dispensing – ultra-fast, super accurate jetting valve

The Vermes MDS 3010+ and Vermes MDS 3020+ Microdispensing Jetting Valves are designed for precision dispensing of material in small volumes at fast speeds with extremely high accuracy and repeatability. The piezo-actuated valves satisfy the trend for increasing miniaturisation of components in production processes – demanding ever-smaller deposits of beads and lines – as well as the requirement to […]

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