Removing air bubbles from materials like epoxies and inks which you mix up yourself can be an irritation. Often some form of vacuum chamber is used to degas the mixture – it is time consuming and not easy!

One of the advantages of our Thinky ARE-250 Mixer is that it does not put air into the material whilst mixing – and then a degassing stage can remove what’s left (down to micron levels). The planetary action mixes quickly and completely. The degassing mode is more effective than a simple centrifuge.


An epoxy resin, approximately 250,000cps Epoxy to be mixed
Before processing
Countless microscopic air bubbles exist
(60x magnified)
After 3 minutes “Mixing Mode”
Only a few size 15?m air bubbles are visible
After 2.5 minutes “Degassing Mode”
No air bubbles are visible under 60x microscope

Are you troubled with gas?

Categories: adhesives, epoxies, mixing