preeflow eco-PENs are easy-to-integrate dispensing systems, configurable in semi-automated right up to fully automated or robotic processes. The perfect endless piston technology, based on progressive cavity pumps, delivers precise fluid dispensing. Even high viscosity liquids like glues or conductive adhesives can be accurately applied, regardless if single part or two component. The integration is simple – for the first time, a plug and play process is used in fluid dispensing or dosing systems. Just “plug´n´dose” with preeflow. Combine with one of our dispensing robots or your own automation for accurate and precise positioning, and preeflow will dispense, dose, meter or fill up your fluids or liquids in a truly volumetric way.

preeflow have just come up with a great video illustrating the point!

Video - preeflow is easy to integrate

Categories: dispensing, robotics