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Epoxy adhesives & potting compounds for specialist applications

The new Polytec PT brochure offers information on specialist epoxy resin adhesives and potting compounds for electronics, electrical engineering, optical and medical industries. It details high strength optically transparent epoxies, including formulations with flexibility in the Shore A range. Medical device manufacturers will find products which are biocompatible and tested to USP Class VI. These materials […]

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New guides to electrically conductive & thermally conductive adhesives

We have issued two new guides which offer an introduction to the Electrically Conductive Adhesives and Thermally Conductive Adhesives produced by Polytec PT. Each guide gives a descriptive overview of the technology involved and related product applications in industries such as microelectronics, electrical engineering, power engineering and general energy. New, next generation technologies are introduced. Conventional […]

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Electrically and thermally conductive adhesives – new products!

We are very pleased to announce that we have signed a distribution agreement with expert German adhesives manufacturer, Polytec PT. Polytec PT offers a range of high technology adhesive products for micro-electronics, hybrid circuits, chip-on-board (COB), LEDs, component manufacture, displays, flexible circuitry, shielding, medical devices and optics/opto-electronics. The range consists of: Electrically conductive adhesives Thermally […]

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