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Seminar: Improving Adhesion and Bond Quality with Plasma Surface Treatment

We’re delivering a free seminar at the upcoming Engineering Solutions Live show, held on the 23rd of March, entitled Improving Adhesion and Bond Quality with Plasma Surface Treatment.   Cold plasma treatment can quickly activate and functionalise the surfaces of many difficult-to-bond substrates, including metals and plastics, whilst removing organic contaminants. This process improves the wetting […]

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Thinky mixers and precision dosing at Making Pharmaceuticals Exhibition, 24-25th April 2018, Coventry

The mixing together of liquids, pastes, powders and fillers is a critical process in many sectors, not least in pharmaceutical and cosmetics R&D and production. Getting a fully homogeneous bubble-free mix of materials, especially those with different forms or viscosities, is of paramount concern. Speed and repeatability of the pharmaceutical mixing process will aid productivity […]

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