An impressive new fluorescing adhesive technology, brought to you by our sales partner Dymax, will have you all “seeing red” to improve quality and authentication.

The advantages of Ultra-Red™ technology are based on the fact that many plastics naturally fluoresce blue under UV blacklight – this minimises the inspection advantages of using conventional blue-fluorescing adhesives in parts assembly. Red fluorescing adhesives, however, remain naturally clear until exposed to UV blacklight, at which point they fluoresce bright red, providing a vivid contrast that permits accurate bondline inspection. The red fluorescence does not absorb the same light energy wavelengths as those used to cure the adhesive, resulting in faster and deeper cures when compared with the same adhesives containing blue fluorescence.

Red fluorescing adhesives and coatings can be used by manufacturers for product authentication. When measured, this technology produces a distinctly unique energy peak that cannot be reproduced by any other fluorescing compound. This offers manufacturers the ability to assemble or mark their products and be assured that, in the event of a future challenge as to the authenticity of the product’s origins, the products can be positively identified.

Dymax Ultra-Red™ UV adhesives find favour in critical applications like medical device assembly.