The fields of art and industry are increasingly converging, a fact that we can ably demonstrate from a long-standing relationship with one of the UK’s leading ceramic artists, to whom we supply epoxy adhesives from our adhere IRS range.

Carrie Reichardt describes herself as a “renegade potter, craftivist and anarchist”. Working from a mosaic-covered studio in Chiswick West London, her oeuvre includes mosaics, murals, screen printing and graphic design and is an exponent of this country’s long-standing tradition of subversive ceramics (q.v. William Morris).

A prolific artist as well as a renowned speaker and respected academic on the subject, Carrie is well known for a number of projects. Her Mad in England collection of mosaics, for example, uses vintage, digital and hand screen-printed ceramic transfers and exemplifies her politicised style.

Carrie Reichardt

You will remember the Tiki Love Truckan unmissable Nissan diesel pick-up truck covered in glass tile mosaics, and the subject of one of our most popular application stories. Flexing, vibrating and spending large periods of time outdoors in all weather conditions, the Truck represents the perfect substrate to demonstrate the flexibility and high adhesion strength of our adhere IRS 2125 Flexible Epoxy Adhesive, used to fasten the hand-placed tiles to the vehicle. The Tiki Love Truck has toured the country and performed at various shows and exhibitions, including the Illuminated Art Car Parade, Glowmobile Art Car Parade, Glastonbury, Camp Bestival, and Bestival. 

Our adhesives were also used to bond ceramic tiles to the mosaic-covered Waltzer at the after-hours epicentre Shangri-La at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. Another recent work is Come Fly With Me, a unique hand mosaic electric guitar from Marlow Guitars.

Carrie Reichardt- The power of Love

Carrie told us: “As an artist I find the process of mosaic very therapeutic, and this adhesive certainly facilitates that process. It is nice to use because you don’t have to pre-mix it, and it has a convenient cure time. The tiles have been solid as a rock. It’s obviously the best!”

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