Polytec EC 275 extends our portfolio of specialist high performance conductive epoxies and adhesives. Polytec EC 275 has innovative specialist fillers which deliver excellent electrical conductivity (1×10-3 – 7.5×10-4 ohm-cm) within a low cost, two component formulation for applications in electronics, micro-electronics, opto-electronics, hybrids and sensor technology.

Electrically conductive adhesives are widely used in the electronics industry for die attach and SMD bonding, connecting RFID antennas and EMI/RF shielding. Usually these products are based on epoxy resins with low ionic content and are filled with 70–80% silver powder to ensure high electrical conductivity. Typically such adhesives feature a volume resistivity of 10-3 – 10-4 ohm-cm. Polytec EC 275 is an electrically conductive adhesive that is formulated with an different, nickel-free filler. Since it does not contain silver flakes, Polytec EC 275 is substantially less expensive than standard silver adhesives. In addition, raw material costs no longer directly depend on volatile precious metal market prices. The end user benefits from a low, stable price. The technical properties of Polytec EC 275 are comparable to standard silver-loaded adhesives. Polytec EC 275 can be used for IC packaging, connecting circuits to copper coils (RFIDs or smart cards) and EMI/RF shielding. The paste-like adhesive can be easily applied with various dispensing techniques or screen printing and is available either as two components or premixed in frozen syringes.

Polytec EC 275 electrically conductive adhesive from Intertronics