Dymax 214-CTH-UR-SC adhesive has been formulated to incorporate both Ultra-Red and See-Cure technologies. Designed to be used in catheter assembly and other medical device assembly applications, it offers excellent bond strength to a number of plastics including PEBA and Nylon 12.

Dymax 214-CTH-UR-SC is blue in colour when in its uncured state, enabling easy verification of correct application. When exposed to sufficient levels of UV curing light the adhesive becomes clear to provide visual confirmation that the adhesive is fully cured. Also incorporated is Dymax Ultra-Red fluorescing technology – the adhesive fluoresces a bright red colour under black light. This allows manufacturers to easily incorporate automated or manual quality inspection ensuring accurate and complete placement of the cured adhesive.

Optimal curing of 214-CTH-UR-SC is achieved when cured with a Dymax LED light-curing system.  LED light curing systems provide users with a number of significant advantages over more conventional lamp curing. These include cooler curing temperatures, lower energy consumption, more consistency in cure results, lower intensity degradation over time and reduced costs.

Catheter Assembly Adhesive a

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