Our ADH 9454 is a gap filling Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Gel. Most cyanoacrylate or “instant” adhesives are inherently of a low, runny viscosity – which means they don’t work well when there are gaps to be filled, if the parts are porous, or if the bondline orientation means that the adhesive would drip or run out.

The high viscosity of ADH 9454 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Gel  prevents running on inclined or vertical surfaces during the very short (3 – 60 second) fixture time. It also enables gap filling (up to 0.50mm) and minimises the absorption of the adhesive into porous substrates, ensuring a good bond. Formulated for high strength, general purpose bonding of most common substrates, it is surface insensitive and can be evaluated in applications with metal, wood, card, plastic, rubber, leather, fabrics, etc.

Application of the fast curing adhesive is made a whole lot easier by using the IJF ATD Autotube Dispensing System, designed for dispensing from the collapsible tube. The big advantages are a) control over applied quantity, and b) avoiding the mess and hazard normally associated with handling “toothpaste-like” tubes. The 20g tube is held in a cartridge which is attached to a normal time/pressure dispenser for consistent and controlled dispensing. The cartridge can be supported in a gun handle with a trigger switch to actuate the pressure dispenser, or stand-mounted and activated via foot switch. Different sized dispensing needles can be used to control the flow.

ADH 9454 adhesive from Intertronics - gap filling cyanoacrylate gel for use on vertical and porous surfaces