Composites continue to be the subject of rapid advancement in terms of formulation, production and types of applications. Incorporating composites in your assemblies requires composite adhesives that contribute to the highest-possible performance and reliability. They should exploit composites’ qualities of strength and light weight and meet the demanding conditions of the automotive, defence, aerospace, marine, medical, electronics/electrical, sports and other applications in which these materials are increasingly being used.

Composite Carbon Fibre Car Bumper Composite Carbon Fibre Rotor Blades Composite Tennis Racquet

We supply a range of engineering adhesives that are compatible with many composite materials as well as bonding composites to other substrates. They provide high strength and impact resistance, adding minimal weight to the finished assembly and enabling bonding of dissimilar materials. We also stock silicones which can provide protection against ingress of unwanted elements to assemblies, and a seal between panels and components.

Composite Adhesives for Bonding and Sealing

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We will work with you to determine the most suitable materials and associated dispensing methods for your products and processes.

Case Studies

Roding Automobile Relyon Plasmatool case study Plasma technology provides optimal bonding preparation for CFRP structures

Surface tension and the associated wetability of the material play an important role, especially in the areas of bonding and laminating, for Roding Automobile GmbH, a specialist in the development and production of lightweight CFRP structures for the automotive and aviation industries.