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Case study: improving sealing quality while maximising productivity in gas sensor manufacture  

When gas sensor manufacturer DD-Scientific wanted to improve the accuracy, repeatability, and productivity of an epoxy sealing process, they asked us. DD-Scientific now benefits from robot-mounted preeflow® eco-DUO precision metering, mixing and dispensing systems, which save the company 23 days of staff time per year, while maintaining the high-quality the company’s products demand. DD-Scientific’s sensors […]

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Video: Light curing adhesives improve productivity for technology businesses

Light curing adhesives offer many design and manufacturing benefits spanning a wide range of industrial applications. These adhesives cure in seconds, forming high-strength, environmentally resistant bonds whilst maximising productivity. General and specific formulations are available for bonding plastics, metal, glass and other substrates. These adhesives can be applied by hand, or by semi or fully automated […]

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