About Our Fluid Dispensing Products

A complete range of liquid dispensing dosing and application equipment for adhesives, epoxies, coatings, sealants, gaskets, greases, oils, inks – and many other fluids and pastes.

The dispensing range includes:

  • Dispensing of single, two or multi-component materials
  • Application of dots, beads, gaskets, in-filling, potting, dosing
  • Precision dispensing to 3 nl
  • Time/pressure and positive displacement dispensing
  • Spraying and jetting
  • From simple hand-held syringes and guns to fully automated robotic systems
  • Full selection of dispensing consumable products: needles, nozzles, barrels, syringes and cartridges

Getting the most from your dispensing process

There are many variables to manage on the road to an efficient dispensing process for materials such as adhesives, coatings, sealants, gaskets and greases. To help you on your journey, we’ve collated a series of free resources to help you set up your system and maximise your productivity.

Read our 5 free resources