Dymax Ultra Light-Weld® 431 is a versatile glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal bonding adhesive which is formulated to be resistant to high-temperature and high-moisture environments while maintaining superior adhesion and flexibility.

Dymax 431 bonds rapidly upon exposure to UV/visible light from conventional or LED based curing lamps, allowing a fast assembly process – making it highly suitable for applications such as furniture, container glass and lighting and appliance sub-assemblies.

Dymax 431 cures in seconds with conventional UV curing lamps, but also cures with LED-based UV curing lamps, like our BlueWave MX-150 LED Spot Curing Lamp.

  • Very fast cure for efficient production
  • Cures with LED-based UV curing lamps
  • Flexible for shock resistance
  • Moisture and temperature resistant for challenging applications

Dymax 431 enables rapid bonding of glass and metal (stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper) and can also be considered for bonding a wide variety of plastics such as ABS, CAP, PA, PC, PCTG, PEBA, PEEK, PET, PETG, PI, PVC and SAN, as well as ceramic and FR4. This adhesive was specifically designed with low shrinkage, which results in reduced stress on the bond line or larger cured surfaces.

LED curable glass bonding adhesive