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Industry is looking for shorter and shorter cycle times, and has an increasing requirement for reliable, repeatable dispensing systems. But in addition, dispensing or dosing accuracy needs are becoming more challenging. High technology materials, in adding functionality, become more complex and so more difficult to handle. Simple time-pressure dispensers are successful to the point of ubiquity – they are relatively inexpensive and contribute many advantages to users. However, they may not always be suitable when the highest levels of accuracy and tolerance are required. The return on investment (ROI) on more sophisticated equipment can be calculated by looking at the costs of scrap rates or quality issues resulting from inadequate equipment.

The endless-piston principle is a positive displacement and a purely volumetric pump technology. The geometry of the rotor and stator ensures a constant volume flow which is proportional to the speed. Through the resulting pumping chambers, it is possible to convey suspended solids very gently. This pump technology is completely self-sealing and works without any additional valves. For example, the dispense or dose does not change with variations in viscosity, which can occur with temperature change or ongoing cure.

Our partners preeflow (part of ViscoTec) have worked for more than twenty years with this volumetric dispensing technique, from development and design to production of all relevant components. ViscoTec manufactures everything in-house necessary for your perfect dosing solution. preeflow dispensers and pumps are pre-tested individually at the manufacturing plant prior to delivery. This technology ownership, attention to detail and quality ethic results in the optimal dispensing outcome.

Compare the results from 1) preeflow, 2) a competitor with similar technology, 3) a time/pressure dispenser

Benchmarking the accuracy of liquid dispensing
Compare the results from 1) preeflow, 2) a competitor with similar technology, 3) a time/pressure dispenser

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