High precision, accuracy and repeatability in dispensing is becoming ever more important to our customers. Consequently INTERTRONICS, in partnership ViscoTec, will now be supplying UK industry with the latest in preeflow precision volumetric, positive displacement, dosing/dispensing systems.

Preeflow volumetric dosing equipment, manufactured by ViscoTec, is capable of dispensing adhesives, pastes, form-in-place gaskets, sealants, etc – in dots, beads or in continuous flow for encapsulating and potting.

The preeflow dispenser is based on their “endless piston” constant volumetric pumping system, which gives excellent control and consistency. The preeflow dispenser can be hand held, or used in an automated system by being mounted onto a benchtop robot. The preeflow system delivers optimum results when used with Preci Tip high precision dispensing tips.

Georg Senftl (Managing Director, ViscoTec), Paul Whitehead (Technical Manager, Intertronics), Kevin Cook (Internal Sales Manager, Intertronics), Thomas Diringer (Senior Manager – Components & Devices – ViscoTec) & Christoph Sacher (Product Manager – Components & Devices – ViscoTec) meet up to discuss the new distribution agreement.