In some applications the weight of potting electronics to protect mechanically or environmentally can be a very significant part of the overall weight of installed equipment – sometimes this can be a problem. We have come up with some very advanced light-weight epoxy potting technology which brings the density right down to 0.6. IRS 2012 Light Weight Low Density Epoxy Potting Compound is an exciting development for weight critical applications, e.g. in aerospace or autosport, and is potentially of great significance for mainstream automotive systems and even railway systems where it is increasingly recognized that weight saving leads to fuel savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

IRS 2012 is not only very light on account of its advanced fillers, but is also very RF transmissive and is effectively transparent to radio signals, with excellent electrical properties, low cure shrinkage, good chemical resistance and good mechanical properties – highly suitable in fact for potting of aerials and related equipment.

The black two-part IRS 2012 is available in twin pack sachets which may be mixed and transferred to a syringe for precision application if required.

IRS2012 light weight low density epoxy potting compound