The DYMAX BlueWave 200 UV curing spot lamp offers the highest intensity and the simplest operation in the industry. The intensity adjustment feature allows UV dose tuning during the process validation and production.

The DYMAX BlueWave 200 primarily emits UVA and blue visible light (300-450 nm) and is designed for UV curing adhesives, coatings and encapsulants. It contains an integral shutter which can be actuated by a foot pedal or PLC making it ideal for both manual and automated processes. We also offer a wide range of long lasting light guides, including liquid/fibre, single/multi-pole lightguides in various lengths.


  • Manual intensity control – > 17,000 mW/cm²-initial intensity
  • Simple to operate
  • 2,000 hours bulb warranty
  • Integral shutter with digital timer
  • Foot switch or PLC integration
  • Proprietary “Cool Blue™” filter virtually eliminates liquid light guide degradation
  • Wide range of lightguides available (liquid/fibre, single/multi-pole, various lengths)
  • Bulb changes in less than one minute
  • Universal power input operates worldwide

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