Cyclic olefin polymers/copolymers (COP/COC) have become popular choices in the point-of-care device industry because of their high strength, hardness, low water absorption, and excellent biocompatibility. Dymax 1072-M MD® is a new UV/broad-spectrum-cured adhesive specifically designed for bonding COC/COP film laminates and other difficult-to-bond-to polymers.

Designed to be optimised for curing with LED lamps, Dymax 1072-M will cure in less than 3 seconds after exposure to LED or broad-spectrum UV light. Optimal cure time can be achieved by using this product in conjunction with a Dymax LED light-curing system, designed to provide users with significant advantages over conventional lamp-curing systems including cooler curing temperatures, more consistent cure results, lower intensity degradation over time, lower energy consumption, and reduced costs.

Dymax 1072-M is soft and flexible (Shore A58). It has a viscosity of 1,000 mPs for improved wetting, making it ideally suited for interfacial bonding requirements. The product is ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity approved.

Adhesive for COC bonding