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High temperature adhesive for metal bonding in automotive, rail and component manufacturing

SCIGRIP® SG800 High Temperature MMA Methyl Methacrylate Adhesive is a two component structural adhesive for bonding metals, as well as composites and plastics. Designed to withstand temperatures up to 150°C over prolonged periods, SCIGRIP SG800 is suitable for applications like under the bonnet engine bay component assembly and metal bonding prior to paint baking cycles. It displays good strength […]

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Factors for consideration when bonding composite materials

Composites continue to be the subject of rapid advancement in terms of formulation, production and types of applications. Incorporating composites in your assemblies requires adhesives that contribute to the highest possible performance and reliability, exploit their qualities of strength and light weight and meet the demanding conditions of the automotive, defence, aerospace, marine, medical, electronics/electrical, […]

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