I recently read an article by Jim Camillo entitled Lubricant Dispensing, which was published on the excellent ASSEMBLY Magazine site. Jim wrote about the derivation of the expression The Real McCoy:

Long before oil was automatically dispensed onto parts in assembly workstations, it was automatically dispensed onto the axles and bearings of a moving train. In 1872, Canadian engineer Elijah McCoy developed a lubricating cup for the Michigan Central Railroad that automatically dripped oil when and where needed on the train’s axles and bearings. Because railroad purchasing agents loved this product and wouldn’t settle for imitations, they began demanding that only “The Real McCoy” dispensing cup be used on their trains.

This derivation is probably apocryphal, but the story is entertaining and one to keep in the back of your mind for those trivia discussions in the pub!

We have many customers who are dispensing lubricants like oils and greases – we have helped them with simple time/pressure dispensers, dispensing valves (including spray valves) and robotic automated work cells.

We wrote recently about the precision application of grease with jetting valves; watch out for a new White Paper on this soon.

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