Our Thinky mixers can give a proven solution to some of the most difficult mixing problems found in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. They will non-invasively mix materials from low viscosity to semi-solid or dry particle with in-situ vacuum degassing.

In the field of pharmaceuticals, Thinky mixers are useful for reagent research and development, the production of suspensions, and for the creation of high-performance materials such as hyaluronic acid. They are also used for the rapid compounding and production of ointments in a mere 30 seconds. Ointments, ointment and powder, cream base materials, gel materials and other compounds can all be compounded within the ointment jar eliminating clearing up processes.

In the manufacturing of cosmetic products, such as foundations, multiple pigments often need to be blended. The amount processed at one time using conventional methods normally had to be 1 kg or more for the mixing to be practical. In addition, the propeller mixers used conventionally took a long time and were unable to create simple cosmetic samples. By contrast, Thinky mixers are very effective for cosmetic colour adjustment and sample-making. The processing amount can be as small as 5 grams, which makes it possible to produce multiple samples with different compound ratios in a very short period of time. The finished products themselves are uniform in consistency and provide a smooth feel and colour for the skin.

Typically Thinky technology is suitable for foundation, lipstick, mascara, skin lotion, whiting cream, lip cream, hand cream, sunscreen cream, antiperspirant, soap, body soap, hand soap, shaving foam, aftershave lotion, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, hair restorer, hair colour, facial cleansing foam, make-up remover, cleansing oil, cleansing pads, bath salts, air freshener, perfume, fragrance and detergent… amongst others!

Thinky mixes cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

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