Potting & Encapsulation

Potting & Encapsulation

About Potting & Encapsulation

Silicone, epoxy, polyurethane and UV/visible light cure potting compounds are designed to protect sensitive components such as printed circuit boards, automotive electronics, control boxes and cable joint assemblies from vibration, high humidity or other harsh environmental conditions.

We can recommend the most suitable systems, components and consumables for manual or automatic dispensing. For UV curable potting compounds, we supply a complete range of curing systems from hand-held to conveyorised.

The potting & encapsulation range includes:

  • High temperature potting compounds
  • Thermally conductive potting and encapsulation
  • Products for electronics micro-encapsulation, glob tops
  • Fibre optic and optical potting
  • Electronic component ruggedising
  • Clear, transparent materials for LED & lighting protection
  • Two-part and single-part systems
  • Hard or flexible
  • Flame retardancy