Benchtop Dispensing Robots

Our range of benchtop dispensing robots are compact, self-contained machines which fit comfortably in your work areas. Coupled with one of our dispensing products, they give repeatable and accurate application of materials such as grease, adhesive, coatings, sealants, inks, lubricants and many other liquids or pastes.

Benchtop Dispensing Robots


Our benchtop robots can be used to automate:

  • material dispensing applications: potting, sealing, gasketing, temporary masking or lubricating
  • dosing and filling
  • curing
  • surface preparation

We integrate the robot with our dispensing, curing or surface preparation equipment. We can configure and customise them with holding tools and fixtures, benches and safety enclosures. Programming is simple using a teach pendant or computer software.

We help you evaluate and select the most efficient and cost effective automation for your application and process. The robots are robust and very easy to maintain.

Model or Series Working area (X / Y / Z mm) Benchtop or Gantry style? Axes
FIS F4200N.1 200 / 200 / 50 Benchtop 3
FIS F5200N.1 200 / 200 / 150 Benchtop and Gantry 3
FIS F4000 ADVANCE series From 300 / 300 / 100 up to 600 / 500 / 150 Benchtop 3, 4, or 5


Automating a dispensing process using a benchtop robot can improve quality of the product and increase throughput in a manufacturing process. This customer Case Study demonstrates how:

Robot Enclosures for Benchtop and Gantry Robots

Robot enclosures provide protection to the robot from accidental damage, and also protect the operator from moving parts while the robot is in operation. Our team of technicians build robot enclosures suitable for all of the robots that we sell, and will produce bespoke enclosures to meet your specific requirements. Often, the robot enclosure is […]

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Fisnar F1300N Rotary Dispensing Table Benchtop Robot

The FIS F1300N rotary dispensing table provides an easy and efficient method of dispensing a circular pattern on components and dispensing onto difficult to access areas.

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Fisnar F4000N ADVANCE Benchtop Dispensing Robots

The Fisnar F4000 ADVANCE Series of Benchtop Fluid Dispensing Robots are compact, self-contained and economically priced. They are optimised for dispensing virtually all types of fluid material and can be automated for simple tasks as well as high volume production.

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Fisnar F4200N.1 Dispensing Robot

The Fisnar F4200N.1 is a compact and economically priced benchtop dispensing robot for automatic application of adhesives, coatings, gaskets, sealants, and inks. It is designed for manufacturing, medical and laboratory environments requiring a streamlined, robust and easily maintained machine.

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Fisnar F5200N.1 Benchtop Gantry Dispensing Robot

The versatile UNITOP™ F5200N.1 is a compact and economically priced robot that can be used either as a desktop or a gantry system, allowing users to create their workstation. The F5200N.1 is also ideal for conveyor fed automation or installed in work cells operating as a slave robot.


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