The accurate placement of a bead of adhesive, sealant or gasket material from a syringe demands a steady hand, close co-ordination and patience. Manufacturing environments also demand the additional element of speed needed to keep up with the rest of the process. The combination of all of these is a rare talent indeed.

A better option is an adhesive dispensing robot – one of our automatic benchtop dispensers, mated with a dispensing robot from our range.

This YouTube video features the Fisnar F4200N.1 compact robot hooked up to one of our Fisnar low-cost time/pressure dispensers to apply beads of adhesive around the corners of a pcb. Fisnar robots can be used to automate the application of electronics assembly materials, like adhesives, coatings, underfills, edge bonding, glob tops and encapsulants onto printed circuit boards. The adhesive used is a Dymax UV curing product, featuring See-Cure colour change technology for quality assessment of the cure process. The blue colour prior to cure is readily visible and enables inspection of the applied material, and the colour change after UV cure assures you of a completed process.