Category: masking

Temporary masking for surface treatment in aerospace

Many harsh surface treatment processes are used during the manufacture of aerospace and other high technology components. During many of these processes, some areas of the component do not require the treatment, requiring temporary protection. Dymax SpeedMask® temporary masking materials provide aerospace manufacturing companies with reliable surface protection without the challenges of traditional masking materials […]

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Dymax SpeedMask temporary masking for electronics soldering, conformal coating

Dymax SpeedMask masking resins for electronics applications cure on demand, in seconds, with UV/visible light. Used for temporary masking in printed circuit board assembly, they are suitable for either soldering or conformal coating processes. Rapid cure speed allows for flexibility, efficiency and productivity in production as the pcb’s are immediately ready for further processing – reducing […]

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Temporary masking during acid stripping for aerospace/turbine applications

DYMAX SpeedMask 729 UV/visible light-curable temporary mask provides excellent surface and cavity protection of turbine components during acid-stripping, high-temperature plating processes and other harsh chemical operations.  This maskant has been formulated to withstand soaking in hot acid without permeation or seepage under the mask.  When cured, the mask provides superior surface protection from chemical processing of nickel […]

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