adhere IRS 2129 Rubber Modified Epoxy Adhesive is a high performance black rubber modified resin system, designed for the bonding of dissimilar materials with differing rates of thermal expansion to provide a tough and resilient joint. This includes many substrates, including rubber, found in applications such as electronics, electrical and other specialist component assemblies, e.g. automotive and specialist vehicles.

The uncured flow of IRS 2129 has been adjusted to prevent “slump” during application. It cures to a semi-rigid state of Shore A90 hardness, which is ideal to help in prevention of stresses in components and the bonding of materials in dynamic environments.

IRS 2129 is a two-part epoxy system with simple 1:2 mixing ratio, supplied in a convenient side-by-side syringe cartridge complete with static mixing nozzles. It is non-toxic and thixotropic with adhesion suitable for metals, rubbers, GRP, wood, glass, ABS, PVC, PC and PMMA.

IRS 2129 rubber modified epoxy adhesive from Intertronics for the bonding of dissimilar materials

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