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Case study: UV curing gasket aids serviceable Li-Ion battery packaging in automotive industry

GenZe dedicate themselves purely to getting customers where they need to be with their two wheeled electric vehicles. A leading pioneer in the field, GenZe has developed leading edge engineering, R&D, and design innovations in areas including Li-Ion battery production. Packaging state-of-the-art electronics with energy-dense Li-Ion battery cells presents some unique challenges and opportunities The Problem […]

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Precision volumetric dosing for highly accurate, repeatable dispensing

High precision, accuracy and repeatability in dispensing is becoming ever more important to our customers. Consequently INTERTRONICS, in partnership ViscoTec, will now be supplying UK industry with the latest in preeflow precision volumetric, positive displacement, dosing/dispensing systems. Preeflow volumetric dosing equipment, manufactured by ViscoTec, is capable of dispensing adhesives, pastes, form-in-place gaskets, sealants, etc – in dots, […]

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