Dymax has released a new range of LED UV and visible light curable needle bonding adhesives. These adhesives are ISO 10993 approved and have passed testing to support short-term (<29 days) implantation or single use disposable device applications.

Dymax 1400 series needle bonding adhesives are solvent free, single component and fluoresce for inline testing and inspection. These adhesives bond on demand at room temperature when exposed to UV or visible light. Typical cure time is 2.5 seconds or less. This allows for lower processing costs, increased throughput and quality control. Dymax needle bonding adhesives are ideal for automated assembly lines, and applications include bonding cannulas to hubs in various hypodermic and biopsy needles, syringes and winged infusion sets. These adhesives have been engineered to cure at either 385 or 405 nm wavelengths, thus allowing for greater flexibility with the automation process.

Dymax 1400 Series LED-Curable Needle Bonding Adhesives