We have recently placed updated selector guides on our website for Dymax Medical Device Adhesives. These guides provide comprehensive information on Dymax products and are intended to help device manufacturers choose the appropriate adhesive together with compatible dispensing and curing equipment for their specific requirement.

The two guides include details of adhesives for Needle Bonding and Catheter and Guide Wire Assembly.

Dymax UV/Visible light-curable needle bonding adhesives are ideal for automated high-speed needle assembly lines that incorporate immediate in-line testing and packaging. They allow for 100% in-line inspection and help to optimise assembly speeds. Perfect for high-speed needle assembly lines, these single component adhesives cure quickly when exposed to UV light and high intensity visible light. Typical applications include bonding cannulas to hubs in various hypodermic and biopsy needles, syringes, and winged infusion sets made from multiple plastics, metals and glass.

Dymax also provide catheter manufacturers a reliable cost saving assembly solutions with their UV/Visible light-curable catheter bonding adhesives. Designed to meet assembly challenges associated with new catheter materials, these single component light curing adhesives provide excellent adhesion and flexibility, together with fast cure speeds for consistent low stress catheter assembly. In line inspection is possible due to Dymax fluorescing technology.


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