Following the recent announcement of our distribution agreement for the preeflow® dosing brand from ViscoTec, we are delighted to introduce the preeflow eco-PEN series dispensing equipment and matching controllers. These all-electronic systems are ideal for continuous highly accurate dispensing of adhesives, solder pastes, encapsulants, oils, catalysts, etc. in industries such as optics, fibre optics, medical devices, electronics, displays, LEDs and academic laboratories where highly accurate dots, beads or continuous flow are required.

preeflow dispensers feature a unique patented design of rotating positive displacement pump. A rotor inside an elastomeric stator is driven by a motor. This pumps the liquid very accurately and virtually stress free. Speeding up the motor increases the dispense rate, and reversing the motor allows suck-back to prevent stringing or dripping. Dispensed quantities are defined by size of pump (there are three sizes of eco-Pen), speed of motor, and size of dispensing nozzle, which are attached to eco-Pens by standard luer-lock fittings.

The result is a dispensing or dosing process which is very accurate and completely process stable, not subject to temperature-based material changes, viscosity variations or the vagaries of time/pressure dispensing.

Eco-PENS may be hand-held, or fitted to automation. The controls are fully electronic, with a simple menu structure on a screen. The eco-PEN dispensing pumps can cope with any liquid, from free-flowing water-like fluids, to heavily filled conductive adhesives. Short fluid paths and simple disassembly makes cleaning and maintenance very simple.

preeflow eco-PEN units are available in three sizes with minimum dosing quantities of 0.001ml, 0.004ml and 0.015ml. Dispensing may be based on ml volume or gram weight for ease of use.

preeflow dispensing ecopens


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